About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Happy P' Jappies is a family owned, family run business, head quartered in DeKalb, Mississippi. The Happy P' Jappies Team is a bunch of sisters, one brother, cousins, uncles, and a Mom and Dad supporting the crazy ideas of the quietest, most creative member of the family, Brejenn Allen.


Our Story


Like your family, we love each other very much and when one of us is hurt, it hurts us all. In 2013, Papa Happy P' Jappies had a massive stroke. The dull grey hospital wear that he wore didn't make anyone feel good, including him. It didn't cover his body properly, it was ugly, and it was uncomfortable.

Fifteen-year-old Brejenn came up with the idea to make him designer hospital gowns to lift his spirits. These gowns featured fun patterns, characters, and funky colors. They also kept his bum covered when he started to recover and walk by incorporating snaps or ties. Soon other patients were requesting her designs not only because they were fun and colorful but because she sent "Love Letters" with scripture and inspirational bible stories to the patients she donated to. 

Happy P' Jappies has been making new hospital gown designs and adding new products to serve more people in the healthcare industry including patients!


The Science


According to the Harvard Gazetteer, color stimulates an area in our brain behind our temple. As color was previously thought to only be analyzed by your eyes, scientists have discovered it goes much farther and releases endorphins and natural "happy hormones" in our brains. 

Happiness leads to health. When we are happy or in a great mood, we feel better. A 2009 study shows that happiness is more closely related to health than common human necessities such as food, water, and shelter. 

So colors stimulate happiness, and happiness stimulates health! We don't just want patients and healthcare workers to wear our hospital wear, we want them to FEEL BETTER, too!