Color-on Happy P' Jappies

Color-on Happy P' Jappies

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The Customizable Color-on Happy P' Jappies are lightly colored hospital gowns specially made for you to be creative as you can by designing your very own gown with non-toxic fabric markers. 

Color, scribble doodle or even play tic-tac-toe! Anything you can draw on paper you can put on this Happy P' Jappy. Start with the three non-toxic fabric markers that come with your gown! 

Perfect for kids who may be bored in the hospital and want to wear something awesome of their very own.

Color-on Happy P' Jappies make great gifts. Get together with family and friends to design a gown for your favorite patient!

Iron or dryer set marker before you flaunt your designs. You'll look fabulous!